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20 Killed In Saudi Bus Crash Carrying Pilgrims
Dozens were injured in the accident in the southern province of Asir.

20 Killed In Saudi Bus Crash Carrying Pilgrims

In southwestern Saudi bus Crash carrying pilgrims hit a bridge, overturned, and burst into flames, killing at least 20 people.

During the first week of Ramadan, which is a busy time for the Umrah pilgrimage, and just months before millions of Muslims make the annual Hajj pilgrimage, the incident occurred in the southern province of Asir, bordering Yemen.

We have now received preliminary information that 20 people died and 29 were injured in this accident, according to the state-affiliated channel.

20 Killed In Saudi Bus Crash Carrying Pilgrims

The victims came from “different nationalities,” but state media agencies did not specify any of them or neither provided a breakdown.

According to the state channel, the bus experienced “car trouble“, without elaborating, while the private newspaper Okaz said the brakes had failed. The bus crashed into a bridge, overturned, and caught fire.

Our reporter stood in front of what appeared to be the bus’ burned-out shell in the footage broadcast.

During the Hajj, transporting worshippers between Saudi Arabia’s holy sites is perilous when buses create interminable traffic jams.

On a highway linking Medina and Mecca in 2016, a bus overturned, killing 19 and injuring 22.

In April 2018, a bus collided with a fuel tanker in Saudi Arabia, killing four British pilgrims and injuring 12 others.

A bus collided with another heavy vehicle near Medina in October 2019, killing 35 foreigners and injuring four others.

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