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2023: Netflix will start taking action against password sharing.

The largest streaming company is finally prepared to act against the sharing of passwords with additional homes.

Netflix started cracking down on account sharing outside of a single home in the first few months of 2019.

In 2023, Netflix will crack down on the sharing of passwords, the company has warned.

According to the largest streaming service in the world, up to a third of customers break its rules by sharing their passwords with distant relatives or acquaintances who live in other households.

In South America, it has started testing a feature that lets customers who share an account with another household pay less to continue using the service.

In order to move dependable non-household watchers onto their own plan, this approach requires anyone who is not physically present at the IP address of the primary account holder to provide a code in order to continue viewing.

Over the past two years, the major streaming providers have dramatically increased the cost of their monthly subscriptions. While Apple recently increased the cost of its Apple TV Plus streaming service from €5 to €7 per month, Netflix’s 4K family option now costs €21.

Due to the industry’s rapid growth, the largest providers have been oblivious to password sharing on accounts up until this point.

The growth of new subscriptions is already significantly slowing across the major platforms, with Netflix reporting flat numbers for the first time since last year.

In early December, according to The Wall Street Journal, Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos told investors, “Make no mistake, I don’t think consumers are going to love it right out of the gate.”

Though it hasn’t yet launched in Ireland, Netflix just added a new, cheaper ad-supported tier to its service.

In the same week that Netflix issued its warning, the UK’s Intellectual Property Office said that disclosing streaming passwords was against copyright law and might lead to punishment.

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