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6 Ways – Technology is Changing the Way We Communicate

It’s easy to think that technology has changed the way we communicate, but it can be difficult to remember how vastly different it is to read texts as opposed to in-person conversations.

Technology has changed dramatically in the last few years, and it continues to evolve at an exponential rate. Just a couple of decades ago, people could only send handwritten letters. Now, we are more connected than ever with text messaging, emails, and social media.

Here are six examples of how technological innovations have made communication even easier than before Communication has drastically changed in recent years.

Gone are the days of handwritten letters–today, we can instantaneously connect with people around the world through means like text messaging and email.

We prefer to communicate in shorter, more frequent bursts because we understand how valuable your time is.

Thanks to apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage, we’re able to connect with friends and family at any time of day. As a result, our messages tend to be less formal than if we were sending emails or letters.

In recent years, trends have been changing. People are now typing shorter messages like “smh” and “lol.” We’re entering a glorious new golden age of automation, and AI-powered assistants are paving the way. Three examples of these automated aids include Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

Technology keeps producing new ways for humans to interact with one another, including AI-powered chatbots and assistants.

Computer programs that respond to human communication by manipulating natural language have been around for decades, but now they get better as time goes on. These interactions are going to become more common over time because AI is becoming more reliable.

NBN and IWS are high-speed, high-quality internet services that you can rely on to stay connected to everything. Whether they need to stay in touch with family or friends overseas or have the freedom to work from anywhere, internet providers such as Swoop and the NBN provide people with super-fast connections and reliable connections. People can maintain a connection and do what they love without fear of being disconnected.

With increased competition, and opportunities to develop a more successful business, it’s no secret that graphics will become more important.

If your business is providing quality visual content, you’ll be able to compete. Visual content gives customers a richer perspective, and it’s important for connecting with prospects and developing lasting relationships.

We’ve become much more open recently (online).

Social media has been a fantastic way to communicate with people when you share common interests. We’re now more open to communicating online, even with people we’ve never met in person.

We’ll always respond quickly to your queries and requests, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

These days, we’ve grown so accustomed to getting an instant response from text messages and chat apps that are virtually instantaneous. Regardless, for other forms of communication like email or phone calls, our expectations haven’t really changed; we still expect a quick response even though it might take hours or even days to get back to you.

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