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A Chinese Company to Provide Free Cancer Screenings to 10,000 Pakistani Women.

(Islamabad Correspondent) 5,000 sets of auxiliary consumables and three self-developed cervical cancer screening machines were recently sent to Pakistan by “Landing Med” a medical technology business with headquarters in Wuhan China. These AI-powered gadgets will provide free cervical cancer screenings and early tumor identification to 10,000 Pakistani women.

The first consignment of equipment for the China-Pakistan AI Cervical Cancer Screening Program is this. More will be given to Pakistan in the future. Additionally, Landing Med will establish a Cloud Diagnostic Research Center for Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital to offer statewide cervical cancer screening in Pakistan.

AI screening is faster and more accurate than artificial diagnosis. Only 100 cell slides can be examined per day by even an expert pathologist. Additionally, when looking via a microscope some diseased cells that do not exhibit evident alterations in the early stages could be ignored.

The AI-powered screening tool on the other hand uses decades’ worth of manually gathered diagnosis data and algorithm models to automatically detect signs of cancer cells in digitalized photographs within minutes.

Since Pakistan has a sizable population, many women there require cervical cancer screening according to Sun Xiaorong founder and president of Landing Med to improve coverage in this regard effective testing techniques are needed.

The company has created a 5G+AI cloud diagnosis platform for women living in remote areas with limited access to healthcare allowing experts from more than ten different countries to consult on reports that have been uploaded to the platform.

This saves patients the trouble of having to repeatedly travel to the hospital for sample collection and report analysis.

Two think tanks affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences signed an MoU with the Pakistani Ministry of Health to jointly offer AI cervical cancer screening services in Gwadar port.
2019’s ninth meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will take place in Port and other Pakistani towns.

The China-Pakistan AI Cervical Cancer Screening Program officially started after this. An initial contract to run the program was signed by Landing Med and its Pakistani partner in November 2021.

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