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(TASDEEQ will verify the fingerprints of the elderly. A great initiative by NADRA).

A New Method Of Biometric Security For Senior Citizens, Introduced By NADRA

NADRA is launching a new service called “Tasdeeq” to verify the identities of elderly individuals whose fingerprints cannot be detected by biometric scanners.

This service, initially for banking purposes, but with potential for other applications, is designed to address complaints from senior citizens who have trouble verifying their identities due to age-related changes in their fingerprints. According to NADRA the initiative “envisions alternate identity verification for citizens over 60.”

Muhammad Tariq Malik NADRA Chairman announced at the launch of the Tasdeeq service that the identity verification process would bypass biometrics by using AI technology.

Individuals must correctly answer all three questions in at least one attempt in order to successfully verify their identity and avoid biometric verification.

MCB, Allied Bank, Bank Al Falah, Bank of Khyber, and Soneri Bank are already supporting the initiative, and National Bank, Askari Bank, First Women Bank Limited, and Khushali Bank are in the process of testing it.

Whether Tasdeeq will be adopted by other banks or extended to other industries beyond banking is unclear.

During the distribution of emergency benefits in 2020, Pakistani authorities had difficulty collecting fingerprint biometrics from elderly individuals and laborers.

In addition to providing 17,600 tablets to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics for a digital census initiative, NADRA recently introduced a new biometric patient ID verification system to increase transparency in hospital organ collection and transplantation.

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