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Rafay (13) was a student of 7th class at Al-Sahar Academy located at Korangi No.3. His class teacher Hafza beat him black and blue with a stick breaking his arm for not completing the homework.

A Teacher Breaks A Student’s Arm For Not Completing His Homework

Another incident of corporal punishment occurred at a private school in Karachi when a teacher severely punished a student for not completing his homework.

A 7th-class student was severely beaten at Al-Sahar School in Korangi No.3, Karachi, resulting in a broken arm.

Rafay, 13, claims he was beaten with a stick by his teacher, resulting in two broken bones in his arm.

Rafay’s father Rizwan was informed of the incident immediately by the school principal but was asked to remain silent.

According to reports, Rizwan filed a complaint with the Korangi police station after deciding to take legal action against the teacher.

Rizwan told the police that when he contacted the principal to inquire about the incident, she ignored him and told him to do whatever he wanted.

He also expressed concern for the safety of his two other children, who attend the same school as Rizwan.

In addition, Rizwan removed his children from the school, fearing they would be subjected to similar treatment at this point in the academic year.

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