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Abu Dhabi Scholarships Announce 30 New Majors
Fast-track scholarship applications are available to Emirati students accepted to some of the world's top 20 universities.

Abu Dhabi Scholarships Announce 30 New Majors

Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (AEDK) has announced the Abu Dhabi Scholarships for this year which offer exceptional Emirati students a chance to study at world-class universities through different avenues of higher education.

A total of 30 new majors have been added to the ADEK scholarship program, including medicine entrepreneurship and innovation landscape architecture, UX design, web design, fashion design, music and performing arts, computer game production, culinary arts, and journalism.

Around 82 disciplines are offered by ADEK, including both creative and elite programs.

Things you need to know about Abu Dhabi Scholarships:

Criteria For Eligibility

Majors Of Excellence

• Students with an average of 90% or more in Term 1 in Grade 12/Year 13
• Grade 11/Year 12 average of 85% or higher

Majors In Creative Fields

• Grade 12/Year 13 with an average of 85% or higher.
• Two letters of recommendation and a portfolio.

Criteria For Evaluation

• IELTS score of 6 or TOEFL iBT score of 60
• A conditional admission offer to one of ADEK’s top 150 universities worldwide.
• Applicants must be current university students, aged 24 or below specializing in one of the approved majors in ADEK’s top 150 universities.
• A minimum GPA of 3 is required.
• Applicants must have completed at least 30 credit hours at university.
Criteria for Fast Track Scholarships
• ADEK’s approved 20 universities offer fast-track scholarships, which bypass eligibility criteria and shortlist students immediately.

Application Process

• Candidates can apply at

The Deadline

• Scholarship applications must be submitted by 31 March 2023.

The Benefits

• Scholarships that are fully funded.
• More than 100 industry-specific partners offer internship opportunities.
• Support for long-term career development and career advice.
• Allowances for books.
• Insurance coverage for health care.
• Costs associated with travel.
• Top performers receive a bonus and a monthly stipend to cover accommodation expenses.

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