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Android Phones To Soon Get Satellite Connectivity

In the event of an emergency, Android Smartphone users will be able to send and receive basic text messages through satellite connectivity

Once activated, this will enable Android phone users to still send and receive messages in areas with no coverage, thanks to a partnership between Qualcomm and Iridium.

This satellite is expected to be a success since Qualcomm chips, which are quite popular, are present in practically all Android handsets.

In September 2022, iPhone manufacturer Apple introduced a similar feature, but it fell short of UK Smartphone company Bullitt, which launched the first satellite connection for smartphones.

Millions of Smartphone users around the world will now have access to satellite connectivity, although they will only be able to send and receive basic emergency texts.

Satellite connectivity can be enabled or disabled by manufacturers without restricting people to a particular brand.

Qualcomm and Iridium satellites orbit 780 km above the Earth and provide worldwide coverage.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Satellite connectivity feature will only be available in premium Qualcomm chips, so budget devices are unlikely to support it.

The feature will initially be available on mobile phones, but will later be available on tablets, laptops, and cars as well.

The availability of satellite connectivity will eliminate the problem of weak or no mobile coverage, which will greatly impact many industries, including tourism.

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