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Aqsa, Shahid Afridi’s eldest daughter, got married on December 30

December is all about weddings. Just as we had processed pacer Haris Rauf’s nuptials, another wedding crossed our radar and it’s none other than Shahid Afridi’s eldest daughter Aqsa’s.

Congratulations to them both!

Aqsa and Naseer Nasir tied the knot today in Karachi in an intimate nikah ceremony. Shaheen Shah Afridi came to attend, as well as Shahid’s family and close friends. A white and yellow-themed e-invite for the ceremony has circulated on social media.

10 days ago, Shaheen’s wedding with Shahid’s second daughter Ansha was announced and the details were finalized. Before the start of the next season of the Pakistan Super League, Shaheen and Ansha will have a nikah ceremony in Karachi on February 3, according to a source close to the Afridi family.

Additionally, the rest of the events will take place at a later date, according to our source.

Shahid Afridi tweeted last year: “Shaheen’s family approached my family for my daughter. Both families are in touch […] matches are made in heaven, if Allah wills, this match will happen.”

His tweet ended with a prayer for Shaheen’s continued success.

“The proposal has been accepted; it is thought that a formal function will be done within two years, following the completion of her education,” said sports journalist Ihtisham ul Haq.

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