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8 Best Swimming Pools in Lahore
Here comes the hot weather and along with this, we are here with the 8 best swimming pools in Lahore. The swimming pool is the perfect place.

8 Best Swimming Pools In Lahore

Ah! Here comes the hot weather and along with this, we are here with the 8 best swimming pools in Lahore. The attraction towards the cold swimming pools in Lahore increases. The weather in Lahore is humid and hot, the sun can be scorching too. Mostly the summer vacations of schools are provided to lower the chances of heat waves and strokes. This can become exciting and amazing if the plans are made properly and what can be the best way to spend your day other than having either indoor swimming pools in Lahore or enjoying swimming in the best pools in Lahore?

The city of Lahore is one of the major cities of Pakistan. It has some regular summer camps where children of all age groups can learn to swim. there are fun activities and separate timings for men and women. Sports facilities are common in the city of Lahore during the summer season.

Health Benefits of Swimming:

Swimming is also known as one of the best exercises. It not only enhances the body’s muscles but also gives strength to the muscles. Swimming has some tremendous effects on your body. It helps in regulation and lowers depression and stress in people. Swimming also helps with insomnia and mood swings in elderly people. The best swimming pools in Lahore help the people with their health too.

Lahore Best Swimming Pools:

The city of Lahore has one of the best swimming pools in the city. You can find indoor pools as well as some sports clubs where you can enjoy family time along with swimming lessons. Here we have compiled the 8 best swimming pools in Lahore where you can easily enjoy swimming. Some of the popular swimming clubs are:

  • Shapes Active Lifestyle
  • Lahore Gymkhana Club
  • Increases joint flexibility and strengthens muscles
  • Glide Swimming Club
  • Greenland Swimming Pool
  • Avari Hotel Swimming Pool
  • Blue land Swimming Pool

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Swimming Pools In Lahore Cantt:

Lahore Cantt comes under the jurisdiction of the Military Lands & Cantonments Department of the Ministry of Defence. It is divided into 10 electoral wards. These areas are well maintained and contain all types of necessary places for the residence. here we have 8 best swimming pools popular around cantt.

1. Pearl Continental Hotel:

Pearl Continental Hotel chain is renowned all-around Pakistan for its luxurious and beautiful interior as well as exterior. The place offers many indoor games that can help you to spend quality time during your stay there. The pools at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore are also popular due to their gymnasium, sauna therapy, and multiple pool parties.

Best Swimming Pools in Lahore

There is separate pool timing for kids and adults under the supervision of trained and professional coaches.

2. DHA Sports Complex:

Whenever you plan a swimming experience don’t forget to visit the DHA (defence housing authority) sports complex in Y block. It is the second-best swimming pool of Lahore, with a variety of other small pools for everyone. The area around the swimming pool is covered with greenery and a beautiful landscape. This gives a refreshing environment for the visitors there. The best part of this sports complex is that here, the depth of the swimming pool, which is 35 meters long and 3-11 feet deep, is kept in consideration for kids too. It means if kids want to take a dip with their parents, they can also enjoy it.

3. GOLD Spa and Fitness Club:

If you are looking for a place where all your family can easily enjoy, then this is the best place option for you. The Gold Spa and Fitness Club is located at a prime location in Lahore which everyone can access. here you can find a games room, and fitness activities along with professional trainers to assist you. The time for this place is from 10 am till 7 pm making it in the list of 8 best swimming pools in Lahore.

4. Samanabad Sports Arena:

If we miss the Samanabad sports club, then it will be an injustice to this place. The place is beautiful as well as equipped with outdoor pools. There are extravagant places owned by Parks and Horticulture Authority. The place is almost 5 acres with a luxurious swimming pool in Samanabad town. The place also offers different learning classes too, that too from highly qualified trainers. This is also within your pocket.

Swimming Pools in Lahore Johar Town:

Johar Town within the city of Lahore, is a residential neighborhood and union council. Johar Town is named after Mohammad Ali Johar. The area is well-maintained and consists of a few attractive swimming spots. A few of the best swimming pools in Lahore are discussed below which are present in this area.

1. Fatima Jinnah Ladies Swimming pools:

The name clearly indicates that this swimming pool is specifically for women only. This is to ensure the mental and physical growth of ladies as well as men to some extent. The place offers swimming classes for kids so that they can also accompany their moms in their recreational time. The club offers female instructors at affordable prices.

2. Johar Sports Complex:

The Johar sports complex is in the heart of Johar town Lahore. It is one of the best swimming pools in the vicinity of Johar town phase The place consists of a waiting area, snack bar, and a variety of sports for all. The members and non-members both can equally enjoy the crystal-clear water in the summer season. Here you can have a different depth range under one roof.

3. 5th Generation Leisure, Sports and Fitness Complex:

The repute of this swimming complex makes it to the top 7 list of swimming pools in Lahore. The place has a spectacular combination of a fitness club and gold spa as well as indoor pools varying in height for all. There are temperature-controlled pools with comfortable changing rooms for all. It is open 24 hours a day making it easier for everyone to avail themselves of their sports arena as well as the swimming gym.

4. Punjab International Swimming Complex:

The swimming complex works with the aim of providing the best swimmers to compete at national and international levels. To achieve this, they provide the best trainers at a reasonable price. The place consists of two different types of pools, a 50-meter swimming pool, and a 25-meter swimming pool. The smaller pool is used to teach swimming to amateurs. The pools are well maintained, with led lights, filtration systems, and scoring boards. The area is well equipped to host a small competition.


Here we have the 8 best swimming pools in Lahore. These relaxing swimming pools are the epitome of luxury and relaxation in the summer season. These places in Lahore are the best places where you can easily enjoy yourself and spend time with your family and friends, not only does it give you a break from your routine, but it also helps you to be fit and tone your body muscles.

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