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Changan showroom in Lahore


You must be familiar with the name of Changan City Sales in the field of automobiles. Do you know what it means? Changan, is a word taken from the Chinese language, meaning lasting safety. The meaning can easily tell us the company’s main vision, i.e., to make automobiles in such a way that they provide safe and smooth rides to all. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss what makes them outstanding from others and Changan showroom in Lahore.

History of Changan showroom in Lahore:

Changan Cars is a joint venture of Changan Automobile China and Master Motors Cooperation Pakistan. The CEO of the company is Danial Malik who looks after all the affairs of the company. Over the years the company has established its reputation in the automobile industry.

The company produces SUVs, Passenger Cars, Electric Cars, MPVs, light trucks, Oshan, mid-level MPVs, and SUVs. Changan also has a few mid-sized vans on their list of cars.

Quality Of Changan Cars:

With the tough competition between the brands of cars, the Changan cars stand in the position of 2nd in Chinese brand Cars. Since their inauguration in 2018 till 2021, they have achieved sales of around 1506000 making them one of the leading brands. Many people are interested to know the quality of the Changan cars before buying the Cars from the market. In this regard, the article will be beneficial for them and help them in their selection.

Over time, Changan cars along with Master Motors have proven to be reliable with their designs and durability of the car. They have proven themselves with their technical equipment and services. They have a prominent score of PP100(202) among Chinese Brands of cars.

Changan City Sales In Lahore:

Changan Car Services has established a healthy relationship all around the city with the help of these city sales centers in Lahore. They deal in all kinds of Changan Car whether new or old models. They offer reasonable prices and complete car checks before the final payment of the car. There are a few renowned cities Sales centers in Lahore that are reliable and trustworthy, out of which a few of them are discussed for your convenience.  

Changan City sales on Kalma Chowk Lahore:

Changan showroom in Lahore

Changan city sales center on Kalma Chowk Lahore is one of the best dealers in town. They have their showrooms in almost all the cities of Pakistan. They offer general car maintenance done by professionals available there. And they have the best equipment used in repairing cars. Changan city sales not only deals in new cars, but also, deals with used cars and they sell them for reasonable amounts. The center is open from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, and their operations are closed on Sunday.

Changan Bilal Automobiles:

latest Changan showroom in Lahore

Even though the dealers of Changan cars have been available for a few years, Changan Bilal Automobiles is the first one to introduce vehicle stores and services within the city of Lahore. They are in Akbar Town (Faisal Town) in Lahore, from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. The center is closed on Sunday for all the services and sales.

Changan Adil Ashraf Motors:

Changan Adil Ashraf Motors have specialized people running the center with the latest factory-certified parts. If you visit the center, you will like the interior as it is a very sophisticated design where new Changan cars are also put on display. The repair room is separated with all the necessary accessories. They provide the following services at their center.

1- Spare Parts

2- Maintenance

3- Accidental Repairs

Apart from this, they have a team of professionals who are available Monday – Saturday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. They are located at Jail Road Lahore.

Changan Price and Designs:

Changan showroom in Lahore have a variety of models. The most popular cars in Pakistan are Changan Karvaan, Changan M9, Changan Alsvin, Changan Oshan X7, and Changan CS35 Plus. Among these, the most expensive Changan car is Changan Oshan X7, with the latest technology and engine. It is estimated to have a price of PKR 9199000.

Is Changan reliable for Families:

Changan vehicles are one of the best-selling automobiles around the globe. Changan Pakistan is also leading to be the most reliable car or automobile. The price of Changan is generally high. The reason for their high pricing is the usage of the most advanced engine and its parts.

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Here, we came to an end with information about Changan’s old and new cars. The prices vary in the local and international markets, but one thing is very sure that Changan is the future of Automobiles with its electric cars.

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