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Driving Schools In Lahore
The city is home to a large number of best driving schools in Lahore. They all have unique characteristics, with all the precautions of driving safely. The 12 best driving schools in Lahore.

12 Best Driving Schools In Lahore

Lahore, Pakistan is home to many best driving schools. They all have unique characteristics. The best driving schools in Lahore are incredibly expensive. However, most of them offer driving lessons at incredibly low costs. Always take driving lessons from a professional. A person must be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid driver’s license to operate a vehicle in Lahore. Lahore is a sizable city with a lot of traffic. So before you start driving, you must enroll in Lahore driving lessons.

Professional Driving Schools in Lahore

The best driving schools are found in Lahore and they have professional instructors. To always enroll in a professional driving school, you must be aware of the traffic rules to which you must abide. The large metropolis of Lahore has a lot of traffic. As a result, before you can begin driving, you must sign up for Lahore driving lessons.

Remember! When selecting the best driving school, you should pay attention to the most crucial characteristics of a driving school. Also, described below is how to select the best driving school.

Lahore’s 12 Best Driving Schools

The following is the list of the 12 best driving schools in Lahore that have a proven track record of graduating law-abiding drivers that make for safer, better drivers.


SHE DRIVES in Lahore

The first female driving school in Pakistan that operates 24/7 is called She Drives. Their primary goal is to empower women through driving expertise and promote freedom and equality on the roads. Students are free to schedule their instruction at any time of day. This institute also provides pick-up and drop-off services and complete assistance with the actual driving test for a license.

She Drives, offers instruction from qualified instructors, and charges hourly fees. Training must last a minimum of 7 hours. Online appointment scheduling is also available for students. People favor this institute because of its reasonable costs and welcoming environment with excellent driving skills.


The Diana Driving School opened its doors in 1998. It’s an excellent resource for learners who wish to develop a system and rule-abiding driving style. Instructions are given by trained and qualified male and female instructors. Along with basic driving skills, they also cover defensive driving techniques, traffic laws and road safety.

One of the well-organized institutions where teachers provide pupils with professional driving classes is Diana Driving School.


Metro driving school offers manual and automatic driving programs. They have a team of skilled and knowledgeable male and female instructors. At this school, a driving course must last a minimum of 10 days. Students receive a learner’s permit at no cost after passing the test.

With a solid reputation among everybody, Metro Driving School offers complete assistance and direction on how to obtain a driving license as well as aids its pupils when buying a car.


The city driving school is a fantastic resource for learning safe driving techniques with automatic and manual cars. This institute provides cutting-edge instruction to boost the likelihood that its pupils will pass the practical exam. This institute offers female courses, individual instruction, and private in-person sessions. Both automatic and manual automobiles are available, and students can select the vehicle of their choosing.

Everybody can use City Driving School’s services whenever they want because they are open seven days a week and offer pick-up and drop-off services to their students.



The Mahnoor Driving Centre teaches driving techniques and gives the right support to help pupils pass both theoretical and practical exams. Additionally, they offer students driving maneuvers on how to drive. Males and Females can get instruction from experts at this facility. Suzuki Mehran is available to them for hands-on instruction.

Both a learner’s permit and a driving license are assisted by Mahnoor Driving Centre. People are happy to have gotten instruction from benevolent and understanding teachers.


Driving lessons are offered by Lahore Driving School with qualified male and female teachers. Lessons in manual and automated driving are their two choices. To assist pupils in passing the driving test, they also provide a review course on the laws of the road. Driving instruction at the best Driving School in Lahore is centered on the needs of the individual learner. They have properly maintained vehicles for simple hands-on training.

The packages and costs vary depending on the length of the course and the type of automobile the students select. Overall, it’s a decent school that prepares kids to become safe drivers.


For more than 4 years, Ehsan Driving School has been in operation. After receiving personalized, one-on-one driving instruction, pupils have the ability to drive both in congested areas and independently. They also award diplomas at the conclusion of the course and practical exam. The group can teach you to use either an automatic or a manual gearbox.

Because of their flexible hours and affordable rates, Ehsan Driving School’s services are accessible to everyone.

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One of the top driving schools, Ibraheem Driving School has been helping Lahore people since 2002. Defense, Iqbal Town, and Gulshan-e-Ravi are their three divisions. To start the course, students should get in touch with their local chapter. During practical courses, knowledgeable instructors are continually giving driving advice. Additionally, they provide comprehensive auto knowledge and defensive driving instruction.

This institute’s professors are very knowledgeable and devote enough time to each individual student.


The City Traffic Police Lahore Driving School offers driving education that meets the highest requirements. Both males and females can study driving techniques at this college. It’s a simple process because CTPL also offers the final driving license.

The CTPL is well-known in Lahore and provides students with the greatest instruction available. The real-world teachings are excellent for learning.


Another top school for women is Ladies Driving School, which provides the driving class to all. Students can choose a male or female instructor depending on their comfort level. Practical instruction and on-the-road training are their key priorities. Everyone can afford the appealing packages. The female instructors are kind and have much teaching expertise.

For the convenience of female students, Ladies Driving School offers door-to-door pick-up and drop-off services with flexible timings.

After completing your training at the chosen institution, you can obtain your driver’s license. All of these driving schools offer a wealth of knowledge and satisfied clients. We hope that you will benefit significantly from their instruction.


Al-Qaim Driving School was founded in 1998 and over 9,000 pupils have successfully completed their driving education. They have a group of knowledgeable instructors that are composed and provide top-notch services. Both male and female professors make an effort to provide the greatest instruction to their pupils.

Driving lessons that are both safe and efficient are offered by Al-Qaim Driving School so that the person can actually drive on Lahore’s busy roads.


In 1999, Dawood Driving Centre was founded. Under the guidance of qualified and experienced professors, thousands of students have received training. From their official website, students can make an online reservation for their driving course. They have a choice between five distinct automobile models. Additionally, female instructors can help female students learn.

One of the greatest driving schools in the city, Dawood Driving Centre instructs pupils on the components of a car’s engine and gives equipment to equip them in an emergency.


Here we have the 12 best driving schools in Lahore. Even though driving automatic vehicles is considered to be easy, fulfilling traffic regulations is also necessary. Quality services can be provided for the practice driving by these best driving schools in Lahore.

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