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Facebook’s popular chat application WhatsApp, has just launched customizable ‘3D Avatars’ for its users

The latest update to WhatsApp includes an option that’s similar to Snapchat’s famous 3D avatars. It also allows users to personalize the feature according to their preferences.

The new customized 3D avatar feature was made available on a lot of social media platforms a long time ago, but it wasn’t until the latest WhatsApp update that users became able to use it.

According to the official WhatsApp message, every user will be able to personalize their avatar with their profile picture and one of 36 custom-made stickers.

Considering that social media platforms are known to say this, the statement can be taken as a confirmation that these 3D avatars accurately represent the user’s personality and identity. And with WhatsApp, users can personalize their avatars in any way they want because of all the hairstyles, colors, facial features, and clothing options available.

We’re excited to announce that our stylists are going to be working on new updates. These updates will revolve around various style improvements, lighting, and shading. The changes will cover hairstyles, textures, and more.

3D avatars aren’t yet compatible with Facebook or Instagram. But Meta is predicted to update its software in the future so that users can use their featured avatars on all of Meta’s social media platforms.

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