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Foods That Are Harmful To Children

Parents naturally want their children to enjoy whatever they eat, but it has been found that children are often exposed to harmful sugars when they are still too young. As a result, the child’s taste bud sensitivity decreases, so normal food is less appealing to them. These types of foods are not suitable for kids because of their physical characteristics.

Following are some foods that are harmful to children:

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs may be tasty but eating this highly-processed meat puts you at risk of cancer due to nitrates. Moreover, it is related to diabetes, coronary heart disease, and strokes. Plus, they are loaded with saturated fats and sodium that are already unhealthy but worsened by serving them on a processed white bun which has no fiber or other essential nutrients necessary for children’s growth.


Regardless of their age, children love drinking juice. After all, a glass of juice is tasty and refreshing. They come in these bright and attractive packages. In spite of this, a single glass of these drinks could contain between five and six teaspoons of sugar, which is harmful to children. As soon as this sugar is absorbed into their bloodstream, it affects their metabolism, especially when it comes to carbohydrates.


Cereals are a staple in many households with children. While thought to be healthy, the reality is that most cereals on the market have high levels of sugar and lack essential vitamins and minerals. When they’re made, the nutrients of wheat, corn and oats are largely removed, leaving only carbohydrates. As such, children don’t feel satiated for long after eating them – hunger sets in quickly again.

Fruit Snacks

It’s very easy to believe that fruit snacks are great for children because of their names. However, just because they contain the word fruit doesn’t make them a healthy choice. Most fruit snacks are loaded with sugar, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial colors and actually have no fruit in them. There is a possibility that these fruit snacks will stick to your child’s teeth and cause dental problems, like dental caries. It is therefore best to just stick to natural fruits.

Chicken Nuggets Or Fingers

Most restaurants offer these on their kids’ menus. However, they are very unhealthy for children because of the type of ingredients they contain. There are usually twenty or more ingredients in the ones from popular fast-food chains. Additionally, the oil in which they are fried contains several different additives such as dimethylpolysiloxane, which is harmful to your children.


Children shouldn’t eat grapes because they’re slippery and could choke. They’re also hard on the digestive system of children. Grapes may be rich in vitamins and minerals that the body requires, but they shouldn’t be eaten by them.

Think twice before reaching for these whenever your children need a snack. Tasty might not always be healthy.

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