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(In Picture: In rural parts of Punjab, people can be seen warming their hands, as the cold wave intensifies).

For The First Time In Years, Lahore’s Temperature Drops Below Zero

From Sindh to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), record-breaking temperatures have been recorded as mercury has dropped dramatically. Pakistan is under the grip of a harsh winter spell.

The temperature dropped to -0.2°C last night in Lahore, according to Pak Weather, Pakistan’s largest automated weather station network.

The lowest temperature recorded in Lahore was -2.2°C in 1935, which was the lowest temperature ever recorded in the city.

The provincial capital of Karachi, on the other hand, has experienced record-breaking temperatures this winter.

A temperature of 0.7°C was recorded in Malir Cantt on Sunday, the coldest night of this winter season.

These are the only record-breaking temperatures for Karachi this winter season. Karachi’s coldest temperature ever recorded was 0°C in 1934.

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