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Best Girls Hostels In Lahore Offering Secure Accommodation

We all randomly talk about women’s empowerment but implementing it in our society is a big challenge. In this regard, girls’ hostels in Lahore are a big step to providing safe and secure accommodation facilities to women so that they can be a part of our better future.

Before renting a double or single-room girls’ hostel in Lahore, many things should be considered. It includes a safe environment, the presence of security, and furnished apartments at affordable prices. This is practiced in many areas of Lahore where working women from out of cities are also provided with these facilities that make them support their families while living here in the city of Lahore.

Facilities at Girls Hostel in Lahore:

Lahore is the most established city in Pakistan. Here, you can see the diversity of life, the buildings, and the offices, all equipped with quality facilities. Along with these, the city has only a few girls’ hostels in Lahore, which provide the ideal rooms, sometimes well-furnished too. This is a small step in empowering women; these hostels work securely and safely.

There are several facilities available at these girls’ hostels. It includes high security, professional staff members, and clean and tidy rooms. The food is something that is mostly missed away from our home, this can also be addressed at these hostels, as few of these places provide a proper kitchen and meals for the girls living there.

Tips For Selecting A Girl’s Hostel in Lahore:

If you need a hostel, you must be very careful in selecting one for you. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you choose between the options available in Lahore.

  1. You must be able to tune out all the bad smells and use perfumes frequently.
  2. Keep a healthy relationship with the hostel staff.
  3. Avoid taking the lift.
  4. Find someone whom you can trust with your washing.
  5. Decorate the room so that you won’t feel lonely.
  6. Always select the hostel near your workplace.

Best Girls Hostel in Lahore:

The hostel with modern facilities is always at the top of the list. There are hostels that have one room but there are those hostels that have either two-bed sharing occupancy, double bedrooms, or triple-sharing rooms. This is just to accommodate the girls at an affordable price. Many universities also provide their own hostel that can be booked as early as possible. They can be missed as they are very cheap and affordable for university students.

A list of girls’ hostels in Lahore is discussed below for your convenience:

1.    Lahore Girls Hostel:

This is one of the reputed hostels in the city of Lahore. It is located in the Revenue Society, Lahore. The hostel consists of 24-hour security as their primary goal is to provide a safe and better place for all the girls away from their homes. If we search the reviews about this Hostel, they are satisfactory and will make you feel peaceful with its clean atmosphere. The best thing is that it is near Emporium Mall, Township Market, Wapda Market, and UMT main Campus. It is easy to travel from one to another and fulfill prior needs.

2.    Ghosia Girls Hostel:

It is known to be a trustworthy hostel in Lahore. The best thing about them is that they provide quality residences at very cheap rates. They are in close proximity of UMT and Education University. They have a proper kitchen, meaning they can be the first choice for those who miss their homemade meals.

3.    Al-Nisa Girls hostel:

best Girls Hostel Lahore 2023

This is also a good option for female students from other cities because it’s very economical. The rent covers a good clean environment with an option of two meals. The Hostel offers basic amenities i.e., clean water, 24-hour electricity, and UPS. It is in Ali Town Lahore.

4.    Paradise Girls Hostel Lahore:

This is another female hostel in Lahore with Professional hostel staff. They basically accommodate College girls, providing shared rooms with the option of a drop facility to and fro from their destination. Their charges are very nominal with free WIFI. They are located in Bahria Town and it comes with added security for all.

5.    Zainab Palace Girls Hostel Lahore:

best Girls Hostel Lahore

The search struggle for the best girls’ hostel in old Lahore can come to an end with Zainab Palace Girls Hostel. The rooms are well furnished with Quality maintenance. The rent of the hostel covers bills, security charges, and the internet. Since it is near old Lahore, it is easy for everyone to move from one place to another.

Price Range of Best Girls Hostel in Lahore:

The Hostel management usually decides the charges of the hostel. They will not be asking for a kidney though, the charges vary from location to location within the city. The prime locations of these girls’ hostels are Johar Town, Allama Iqbal Town, and Bahria Town. The average monthly rent of a hostel for working women varies from Rs 6000 to no more than Rs 18000. This depends upon the facilities provided by the management. The safer the environment, the higher price is charged.

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The process of giving freedom and rights to women is very long, that’s why the Girls Hostel in Lahore is a small step in this regard. Let’s share these best Girls’ hostels so that we can help others in finding a secure and safe environment to fulfill their dreams and help them to grow more.

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