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Google is Now Officially Registered as a Company in Pakistan

Sources say that the SECP has issued a certificate of registration to Google under Section 435 of the Companies Act 2017.

Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. has been registered under the Companies Act for establishing a liaison office in Pakistan.

According to sources, Google after registration with SECP will start its operations in Pakistan very soon. A Google delegation coming to Pakistan next week will meet the Pakistani authorities and discuss its operations in Pakistan.

Sources say that the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) was in touch with international companies and was trying hard to bring them to Pakistan, but the companies were reluctant due to the political instability.

However, there has been a breakthrough in this regard with first Google and then Tik Tok agreeing to set up offices in Pakistan, while the talks between the ministry and Facebook are ongoing.

The officials of the IT ministry are hopeful that Google will establish its office in Pakistan in the next few days. According to MoITT officials, Google in recent years has launched several initiatives in Pakistan.

In September, Google launched career certifications to offer flexible learning paths to all Pakistanis. In June 2022, Google launched a suicide hotline in Pakistan to tackle suicide cases and mental health issues.

The MoITT official said Google’s registration as a company in Pakistan is a good sign. Google is investing $3.5 million in the Google certification program and the registration with SECP means that the company wants to invest more.

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