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Horticulture's Frankenstein Project
Only 16 of these trees are there in the World and it produces 40 different types of fruit.

Horticulture’s Frankenstein Project

Only a few of these incredible trees exist around the globe. It produces 40 different types of fruit and is a sight to behold, especially when it blooms in the spring. In a tree designed by an American sculptor, 40 different types of fruit can be grown at the same time.

It was Sam Van Aken’s idea to test a theory that captured his attention. This phenomenon is known as transubstantiation. Several fruiting species were arranged on a host tree by the visionary. After five years, the tree began to produce 40 varieties of fruit as a result of the remarkable experiment.

A sculptor from Pennsylvania in the US tested this procedure, and it worked. The fruits are all edible, including cherries, nectarines, peaches, apricots, and even plums. There are only 16 of these trees left in the world. The practice of tree grafting is also practiced in our country, but not to the same extent.

Sam Van Aken confessed that the tree is a work of art for him, and he has created 16 such trees that together produce 40 different varieties of fruit. In particular, these include 22 kinds of peaches. Plums from Japan or Europe are also available and other drupe families.

To achieve this great variety and prevent some rare species from being lost, Van Aken rented an old orchard that was set to be demolished. Taking the grafting technique, he managed to save some of the scarce fruits by attaching them to the host tree. While he eventually succeeded in cultivating the new breeds, he admitted that cherries were particularly a challenge for him.

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