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How To Start Blogging In Pakistan 2023

how to start blogging in Pakistan in 2023? 

How To Start Blogging In Pakistan 2023?

You want to find out, how to begin with logging in Pakistan or not? as you observe numerous bloggers around who are successfully generating income from their blogs. Can you make your mark? Relax; I was in your shoes three years ago, but I am a creative blogger making a decent income right now. In this article, I’ll explain how to start blogging in Pakistan in 2023 and generate revenue within three months. Starting a blog might be an exciting and fruitful venture. Blogging has become a potent medium for making money.  In the US and Europe, blogging is known as business. Because you will become independent if your site becomes established throughout your life, or you can sell your place for millions of dollars on various web shops.

From Idea To Blog: A Comprehensive Guide for Pakistani Beginners to Get Started

Over the years, blogging has become extremely popular in Pakistan; It enables you to connect with an extended audience.

I will candidly tell you what will work today and what is the speediest footpath to thrive from scratch and what steps are required to start blogging in Pakistan in 2023:

 Choosing a Niche for a Blog

Your chosen niche will influence the focus and slope of your blog’s material, so make this choice thoughtfully. Explore additional nooks, do market research, and find a void that your blog can fill. You will get your targeted audience. 

Avoid niches that are too narrow or have a short lifespan, as this may limit your growth potential. Check Google trends of your place. Try to find out how you can help people to solve their problems. 

How to do niche research?

Different paid apps are available to find a niche; you can finalize your place from them for your blog.i.e. SEMrush, ahref, moz etc 

Make sure you choose a low keyword difficulty niche, and check the domain authority of top results on Google search. 

Atleast two domain authorities should be below twenty on the first page. By accomplishing this, you can skillfully index on Google.

Choosing Domain Name 

After selecting a niche, you must choose a domain name and check its availability. Your domain name is your website address. If the exact name is unavailable, modify it slightly to achieve a close result. Pick a short name to spell, speak up, and memorize.

Note: make sure your niche is in the domain name. For example, if you start a blog on the faucet, your domain can be

Choosing Domain Name for blogging

Choosing a hosting provider  

A hosting provider is in charge of keeping your blog’s files safe and facilitating visitor access. Your blog’s uptime, loading speed, and general performance depend on your chosen hosting company.

To create a reliable and optimum hosting environment, it’s essential to consider multiple factors.

  1.   Maintenance and Reliability: Downtime can negatively influence your blog’s accessibility and usability. 
  1.   Performance and Speed: Choose a hosting company with quick load times. Your search engine rankings may improve if your website is fast enough. 
  1.   Customer Support: Look for service providers who give help around-the-clock via several channels, such as live chat, email, or phone.
  1. Security Measures: Security for your blog is essential. Ensure the hosting company has robust security tools like firewalls, virus scanning, SSL certificates, routine backups, and DDoS protection.
  1. Versatile control panels: cPanel or Plesk are two examples of access control panels you should look for in a hosting service. 
  1. Reviews and Reputation: Find out more about the hosting companies you’re considering by reading reviews, and you will get insights.
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