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In 2022, Americans Lost Around $10 Billion to Call Center Scammers in India

According to the FBI’s South Asia Regional Director, these ‘Scam Calls’ primarily target adults and pretend to be either tech support business ventures or romantic matters.

These con Indian artists cost US residents more than $10 billion in 2022. According to data, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) the majority of these victims were elderly and had been duped out of more than $3 billion during the last two years according to Storyline reports.

Scam-operating illegal call centers in India have been targeting senior citizens and other Americans under the pretense of providing technical support or other services. Internet and call center frauds cost Americans $10.2 billion in only the last 11 months alone of 2022. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data reveals that US citizens over the past two years have been swindled of nearly $3 billion.

The overall amount of money reported stolen increased by 47% from the prior year when it was projected to be $6.9 billion, according to the research. Earlier this month the Delhi Police announced that they have arrested three men who were running illegal call centers in the nation’s capital and defrauding senior folks in the US by offering them technical support for “malfunctioning” equipment.

While one of their collaborators was captured by Canadian Law Enforcement in Toronto, and the other was captured by the FBI in New Jersey. These three accused men were captured in Delhi during overnight raids.

According to the police, between 2012 to 2020 over 20,000 people fell for these scams costing the United States $10 Million in lost revenue. Given the rise in fraud emanating from India the FBI has dispatched a permanent representative to the US Embassy in New Delhi.

Romance-related thefts cost victims over Rs 8,000 crore in 2021 and Rs 8,000 crore in the final 11 months of this year according to frauds registered on the FBI website according to a representative of the US embassy in Delhi.

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