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India Delivers 92 Military Vehicles To Morocco
Morocco has been rapidly strengthening its military forces over the past couple of years.

India Delivers 92 Military Vehicles To Morocco

Tata Advanced Systems of India has delivered nearly 100 six-wheeled military trucks to the Royal Moroccan Army.

Many LPTA 244 6×6 trucks were getting ready for export to Morocco from Port Pipavav off India’s west coast, according to a photo shared by the Indian Defence Research Wing.

India Delivers 92 Military Vehicles To Morocco

According to the Moroccan army, the vehicles were “on their way to be delivered” on Sunday.

There are numerous armor upgrades available for the LPTA 2445, which is described as a “highly mobile, all-terrain” military vehicle.

The vehicle has a militarized cab and can be equipped with a multi-barrel rocket launcher, a missile firing unit, a missile service vehicle, and a common gun tower.

In addition to transporting military personnel, it can also be used as a medium recovery vehicle.

The vehicle will transport ammunition pallets, vehicle spare parts, and other operational equipment for the Royal Moroccan Army.

Diversifying Defense Purchases

Its acquisition of 92 LPTA 244 6×6 trucks is part of its efforts to modernize its military by diversifying its defense purchases.

Earlier this year, the country signed a contract with L3Harris Technologies to upgrade its F16s’ firepower and mission flexibility.

In addition, the French army delivered its first batch of 36 Caesar artillery systems to the army.

According to reports, the weapons are equipped with components necessary for rapidly deploying forces.

Morocco also purchased advanced military drones from China to support its surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

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