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Is Supernet Planning To Go Global?

By serving a European Satellite operator’s international customers Supernet Limited plans to expand its international operations.

In a stock filing, Supernet announced it has signed a partnership agreement with a European Satellite Operator to provide its services to customers outside of Pakistan.

Supernet and its subsidiaries have developed a substantial base of expertise over the years which is the basis of this strategy.

In addition to telecom network and infrastructure design implementation operation and maintenance software and business process automation and outsourcing cyber security operations and maintenance power systems management are included in this category.

In addition, it plans to generate revenue from such activities outside Pakistan where the market size and growth opportunities are much greater.

Among the services provided are network design and implementation, operations and maintenance project management warehousing, inventory management and equipment repair.

According to the agreement, an initial order has also been placed and more orders are expected to follow.

Additionally, Supernet is working on other such opportunities and expects more such deals to come to fruition in the near future.

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