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Israel is Well Prepared To Attack Iran’s Nuclear Sites says Army Chief

Aviv Kochavi, Israel’s Chief of Staff, said Tuesday that the army is better prepared to attack Iranian nuclear sites.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Kochavi told the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies that preparations for an operation in Iran have dramatically improved.

In the event that the army is ordered to act against the Iranian nuclear program, he said, “it will fulfill the mission.”

According to Kochavi, Iran intends to deploy hundreds of missiles and thousands of Shia militiamen in Syria.

Israel succeeded in disrupting the Iranian plans to establish a second Hezbollah in Syria, according to the army chief.

Iran is frequently accused by Israel of exploiting the ongoing conflict in Syria – where Iran supports the Assad regime – to establish a permanent military presence near Israel.

Occasionally, Israel launches airstrikes on the Syrian regime and Iranian forces in different Syrian provinces.

Normally, Israel does not comment on such attacks, but its leaders often confirm their efforts to “reduce” Iranian presence in Syria.

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