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jazz whatsapp package monthly

Jazz Whatsapp Monthly Package 

Do you experience issues with your WiFi connection? Or do you move constantly?

You need a stable and durable internet connection for WhatsApp to stay connected.  

If you are a Jazz user, different Jazz WhatsApp packages are obtainable monthly, according to GB and MB.  

So here are some options for packages you can determine according to your necessities. 

Sim Connection  

First, know your SIM connection; every SIM has two sorts of connectivity.  

  • Pre-paid connection 
  • Post-paid connection  

Is My SIM Prepaid or Postpaid? 

You can ask every query by calling the toll-free number of a relative SIM company to speak to an operator. They will provide you with details. 

Packages according to your SIM connection are:  

Pre-paid WhatsApp monthly  package

Most users have prepaid connections in Pakistan. In this case, the services require upfront payment from you.  

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package (7GB) 2023 

To turn on the package, dial *661#. 7 GB of social connectivity is constituted in the Jazz monthly WhatsApp package 2023 for one month. Anytime during the day is a reasonable duration to turn it on. 

jazz whatsapp package monthly 2023

You should trigger it during the day unless there is trouble. After midnight, it is presumed or counted as day two for the package. 

Additional Benefits  

  •  Facebook, Imo, and Snapchat are accessible to you as part of the WhatsApp bundle. 
  • For a month, you are going to get 12,000 permitted SMS. 
Internet  7 GB (7000 MBs) 
Validity 1 Month  
Subscription Code: *661# 
Un-subscription Code: *661*4# 
Status Code: *661*2# 
Price: Rs. 148+ tax 

The WhatsApp bundle deal won’t work as long as a balance of 200 rupees has been deposited. 

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package (10 GB) 2023

If your usage is extreme, this is the wise pick. For one month, 10GB of internet is given out. To put this package functioning,, dial *617#.  

“Monthly social plus” is a description of this program. 

Additional Benefits 

  • With the WhatsApp bundle, you can benefit from Imo, Snapchat, and Facebook. 
  • You are entitled to an additional 1,000 free SMS per month. 
  • There are 300 jazz minutes accessible. 
  • 50 bonus network minutes, too. 

Is there a better Jazz WhatsApp package available monthly? You will get numerous freebies. 

Internet  10GBdata 
Validity  1 month 
Subscription Code  *617# 
Un-subscription Code   *617*4# 
Status Code  *617*2# 
Price  Rs 260+ tax 

For activation, make sure you have a balance of Rs. 300.  

Post-paid WhatsApp monthly packages: 

Twenty-one percent of users in Pakistan have postpaid connections. In this connection, services are obtainable by the user first; payment needs to be made at the end of the month.  

Postpaid Jazz WhatsApp package monthly 6GB 

Use this Jazz WhatsApp package on monthly intervals, if you use a postpaid service to prevent receiving hefty bills at the end of the month. Enter the code *446*1*1#, to enable this product.  

This bundle covers 6GB of social media access for an entire month. 

Additional Benefits 

  • Since this is a social data consumption bundle, WhatsApp can be used with all social networks. 
  • Users on postpaid options are not eligible for any additional calls or SMS in this bundle. 
Internet  6GB 
Validity  1 month 
Subscription code  *446*1*1# 
Un-subscription code  Call on help-line 777 
Price  RS 200+ tax  

Postpaid Jazz WhatsApp package monthly (3 GB ) 

If you want extra perks with a WhatsApp monthly package, this is the postpaid user’s recommended selection. Dial *443# to use this option.  

You will have 3GB of consumption with this bundle for a whole month. “J300” is the label of this package. 

Additional Benefits

  • Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are all accessible. 
  • 1000 jazz minutes are accessible to you. 
  • Additionally, 165 other network mints will be provided. 
  • 1,000 SMS. 
Internet  3GB 
Validity  1 month 
Subscription code  *443# 
Un-subscription code  Call on help-line 777 
Price  RS 630+ tax  

Charges if the package is not activated 

  • Ensure that you have sufficient balance to trigger the package; they will charge tax. So save 30-40 rupees more than the total price. 
  • You will get an SMS confirming that your monthly WhatsApp package is live, after entering an activation code. 

Be aware that depending on your location, the exact steps and codes can differ. For the most current and accurate Jazz WhatsApp package monthly information, it is still advised to visit the official website or contact support for assistance. 

Terms and Conditions: 

  • Ensure that 4G is supported by your smartphone. 
  • Any time of day is suitable for subscribing to the package. 
  • Dial the bundle status code for Rs. 0.06 to check the validity and remaining stimulation. 
  • Jazz will not issue a refund for the bundle fee if you decide to cancel the plan. 
  • After one month, the package will stop being active; you must re-subscribe. 
  • On each activation, there will be a 15% income tax. 
  • If you don’t have a bundle subscription, you’ll be charged per MB at the base rate. 
  • The package is always susceptible to change. 

Benefits Of WhatsApp Package Monthly  

The Jazz WhatsApp package monthly is best for voice and video calls, messages, and sharing media. You should consider WhatsApp packages because: 

Expense Saving: 

Monthly packages frequently offer lower costs than paying for WhatsApp usage per minute.  

Cost Predictability: 

The monthly package lets you know exactly how much you’ll pay for WhatsApp usage each month. 

Durable Connection: 

You won’t have to be anxious about consuming all your data or losing access to WhatsApp because of a low balance. 

Better Communication:

If you select a monthly package, WhatsApp is accessible to you for various communication desires without limitation. 

In contrast to other networks, the Jazz WhatsApp bundle is inexpensive. The Jazz offers impressive social packages to customers around Pakistan. Check Jazz call packages daily, hourly, monthly, and weekly for the best selection according to your demands. Relax in a world of endless possibilities.  


Can I use web browsing on the Jazz WhatsApp monthly package? 

No, you can not; the package only offers social bundles. You can check the details of the offers for the relevant package you have selected.  

Can I change Jazz Whatsapp monthly package after the subscription? 

You can change it by dialing the unsubscribe code or calling on the helpline.

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