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Sumosan in Riyadh is located at Laysen Valley, close to the Diplomatic Quarter.

Let’s Go To Sumosan Today.

Critics have praised the food and ambiance of Sumosan, a contemporary Japanese restaurant.

In Riyadh, it is located near the Diplomatic Quarter in Laysen Valley, one of the capital’s newest real estate developments.

In addition to residences, offices, retail stores, and restaurants, the complex offers cuisines worldwide.

At Sumosan, high-quality modern Japanese food is inspired by traditional techniques and ingredients.

Over 20 years in business proves its success.

You can find the best sushi and sashimi at Sumosan. As well as new and interesting Japanese dishes.

In addition to the house-made gyoza filled with wagyu or prawn, fresh milk bread is used to make sandos with truffle fries.

There are live shows at the restaurant, and guests can watch chefs at work in the theater kitchen.

A well-known interior design company, Paul Bishop, designed the sleek and ultra-modern interior, which features warm and earthy touches like wooden paneling and statement chandeliers.

Mondays through Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., the business lunch menu offers a selection of popular dishes starting at SR180 (about $48) per person.

It is a favorite among international A-list celebrities, foodies, and individuals looking for a delicious and visually pleasing meal.

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