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‘Medad Rafi’ Pencil Shop In Tehran
(In Picture: Medad's shop contains over 6 Million colored pencils) ~ Tehran, Iran.

‘Medad Rafi’ Pencil Shop In Tehran

There is a specialty store that sells colored pencils in Tehran, Iran. Mohammed Rafi owns the store. Despite having thousands of pencils in the store, the owner knows how to find the pencils his customers require. As a child, Mr. Rafi loved drawing and the colorful world, and now he runs his own business with passion and love.

He opened Medad Raffy in 1990. Since then, he has been using colored pencils. Mohammed Rafi values the enthusiasm and pleasure of those who see these colorful pencils. He helps children follow and achieve their dreams. The Medad Rafi store is said to have all colored pencils in the world, and Rafi or his sons can get it for you in less than 30 seconds.

(Rafi’s son pulls out pencils for a customer in less than 30 seconds)

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