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Monetize Facebook pages in Pakistan

Monetize Facebook Pages in Pakistan: Unlocking earnings potential

If you wish to work and make money for yourself with your talent and create quality video content then Facebook is the game for you. Monetization is becoming a reality in Pakistan thanks to the rise of social media platforms, particularly Facebook. However, Monetize Facebook Pages in Pakistan is so complex that many of you may choose to ignore it. If you’re looking to generate money, maintain consistency on Facebook.

YouTube monetization is incredibly popular, but you never know when Facebook page monetization will transform your life and become a money-making tool.  

First, you should create a Facebook page, and decide on a content niche for yourself. Video content drives more traffic than written posting. Facebook is the first social media platform, with 2.8 billion subscribers.

What is a Facebook page?

You can create a Facebook page from your account profile. It is similar to a public profile that is established by a person, group, or business to promote content. 

You can make updates, share photographs and videos, organize events, and communicate with followers through comments, likes, and messages, among other capabilities. Users can “like” or “follow” a page to get updates and news from it in their Facebook News Feed. 

Eligibility Requirement 

The best course of action would be to accomplish the following conditions in order to monetize on Facebook:

  1. The rules and conditions of Facebook must be followed on your page.
  2. Your page must have at least 10,000 fans or followers.
  3. Your page reputation and adherence to Facebook’s community standards and policies must be positive. 
  4. Quality of content, authenticity, community standards, and intellectual property rights are all covered under Facebook’s particular standards. 

How to make money from Monetize Facebook pages in Pakistan?

There are four different options for monetization; let’s check them out:

1. Monetization with Ads Break:

To meet Facebook’s monetization eligibility requirements, you must have obtained at least 600,000-minute views on videos posted during the last 60 days. The video should be at least three minutes long. 

Monetization is the most challenging to gain in ads break. It is also known as in-stream ads.

Ad breaks have specific guidelines for adhering to content standards, avoiding objectionable material, maintaining good user interaction, and keeping with advertising norms. To ensure conformity, equip yourself with the instructions.

For more viewers and potential ad revenue, engage your audience and produce captivating videos. The longer they watch, the more ads they’ll catch.

Ad breaks can be added after 60 seconds of video and fit with any natural pauses or transitions in your videos. Using cliffhangers to place ads in the best and most effective placements in your content is suggested.

A share of the revenue earned through such marketing is given to you.

2. Fan Subscription with Exclusive Content:

Fan Subscriptions is a monetization tool that enables page admins to make money by giving their fans and subscribers access to unique content and advantages. You can add groups for only paying fans if you have delicate subscribers who can invest in your premium subscription.

After obtaining eligible followers, you can add fan subscriptions to your page instead of creating expensive portals. Your viewers should be convinced to subscribe by the perk and unique content they will receive. You can use posts, stories, and other interaction tactics to entice your fans to subscribe.

After getting subscribers, make sure to keep them engaged and interact with them daily so that they keep investing and enjoying your subscription. 

They pay a monthly charge to access the premium information and advantages you offer on a follower’s subscription. A certain proportion of the subscription revenue generated by your page goes to you.

3. Branded Content:

“Branded content” clarifies partnerships between influencers and brands to produce promotional content highlighting the company’s products or services.

This means making material that promotes or advertises a brand, item, or service from a third party.

Facebook tells brands and content producers to work together and stick to its policies. Ensure the brand partner permits the content and collaboration before posting any branded 

content. You can promote content by making tutorials, demos, comparison videos, and testimonial videos.

To reach a larger audience and improve its visibility, content producers and companies may decide to boost or promote their branded content through paid advertising on Facebook.

Collaborations on branded content can also give content producers money-making options. Brands will compensate you for featuring their goods or services.

4. Live Stream Monetization:

Facebook promotes the possibility of making money while delivering live content to your audience as the ideal monetization method. Viewers can buy stars and give them to you when you broadcast. The accumulated stars can be redeemed for cash.

You may boost your audience and following by using live streaming through fan subscriptions and collaborations. You can create engaging live streaming by giving mini consultations, showing behind the screen, tutorials, and sharing outdoor views.

Monetize Facebook pages in Pakistan

How to get Facebook page Monetization on reels?

Reels are becoming a crucial part of Facebook’s revenue in Pakistan. If you already monetize with in-stream advertisements, you can monetize reels without signing in or taking any additional steps.

Three types of Facebook reel advertisements exist, that are;

  1. Once the reel has concluded, banner adverts run as a static picture and appear at the bottom. 
  2. Sticker advertisements can be positioned anywhere on the screen and are also static. These also show up after the reel is over.
  3. Post-loop commercials are videos that last four to ten seconds. The reels resume once the advertisement is through.

How much does Facebook pay for 1,000 views?

The equation below can be helpful to compute:

(Ad CPM x ad views)/1,000 = your earnings. 

Ad CPM stands for “cost per mille,”

For instance, if your video got 10,000 views and your ad CPM was $6, you would receive $60.

Best Practices for Making Money on Facebook Page

The following best habits should be considered to optimize your earnings to establish a profitable monetization strategy:

  1. Create regular content to keep your fans intrigued and return for further, embracing a regular posting timetable.
  • Catch Your audience’s attention by responding to their comments, answering their issues, and promoting discussion to engage your audience. Spending time with your audience may build an established following on your Facebook page. Recognize the personality traits, passions, and preferences of your audience. 
  • Keep yourself informed of new features and updates. Facebook may roll out new features, programs, or other modifications that could affect your monetization plan. Keep up with new developments to seize new chances.
  • Facebook offers insights to boost your content strategy. You may monitor metrics like ad impressions, views, and forecast revenue to pick up insights into how well your video is performing.

 You can utilize your Facebook page to its fullest extent and make it a successful business by being aware of your options, ensuring that you are eligible, and adhering to best practices.

Activate Monetization

Once your page is officially authorized, you can begin making money by clicking on the Monetization part of your Facebook page settings. To set up your monetization options, adhere to the supplied guidelines.

 You should know that Facebook restricts users under 18 from monetizing the page.


  1. How long does it take to authorize monetization?

It may take many weeks for Monetize Facebook pages in Pakistan. It relies on a number of aspects, such as the number of submissions and how attentively the screening procedure is conducted.

  •  If I have copyrighted information on my page, can I monetize it?

You cannot monetize your page without the owner’s authorization if your page contains copyrighted content. Before you start making money from using copyrighted content, ensure you have the required rights or permits.

  • What portion of earnings does Facebook keep?

Typically, Facebook keeps 45% of the money made via monetization, with the remaining 55% going to the content producer. Depending on certain agreements or regions, this revenue-sharing arrangement might change.

Using other social networking platforms, starting a website or blog, producing digital goods, providing consulting or coaching services, or looking into affiliate marketing opportunities are all feasible alternatives to making money from Facebook pages.

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