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Eid Al-Fitr

Multiple Eid Al-Fitr Cannon Locations in Dubai

The Dubai Police has declared that to commemorate the end of Ramadan and the start of the Eid Al-Fitr celebrations, cannons will be fired at seven different points throughout the city.

A daily cannon shot was fired during Ramadan at Iftar, which became a well-liked tourist attraction and a signal for people who were fasting to break their fast.

Dubai will launch cannons from seven different points throughout the city to mark the start of Eid. The following are the precise locations where the cannons will be stationed, as disclosed by the police department:

Grand Zaabeel Mosque

Al Barsha

Mullah Al Mankhool

NAD Al Sheba Area

Nadd Al Hamar



These cannons will signal the beginning of the holiday season and are anticipated to be a spectacle for locals and visitors.

Security Steps For Dubai’s Eid Celebration

Together with other authorities, Dubai Police has made all the necessary preparations to guarantee a secure and safe Eid Al-Fitr celebration.

The state news agency WAM reports that Dubai officers have unveiled a comprehensive plan to secure all mosques and significant prayer sites, place officers on the roadways, and bolster security at key locations, tourist hubs, shopping malls, and outdoor markets.

To strengthen security, 4,387 police officers, including 66 traffic sergeants, 798 private security guards, and 465 security patrols, will be sent out.

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Additionally, there will be 165 lifeguards, 14 marine security boats, 123 ambulances, 738 paramedics, 10 rescue boats, 29 bicycle patrols, 75 civil defense vehicles, 24 small cranes, and 17 land rescue patrols on Dubai’s beaches.

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