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Since being uploaded, the video has been viewed 3 million times and has garnered several likes and comments.

Netizens React To A Man Selling Milk On A Harley Davidson

It’s common to see videos on social media that go viral and gain several thousand views. And a milkman delivering milk on a Harley Davidson bike will surely attract attention.

Amit Bhadana shared a picture and video on Instagram showing a milkman leaving his home in Faridabad, India on a Harley Davidson with two milk steel canisters hanging from each side. The driver can be seen driving the bike with the containers and his helmet. Ironically, the license plate of the bike did not have a number, it read “Nirbhay Gujjar”. As a result, it is unknown where the person comes from.

Several comments and likes have been left on the video since it was uploaded. The video has been viewed 3 million times. Some of the comments left by viewers on Instagram were:

I’ll gift you Harley, when the father says join the family business,” wrote one user.

Another user wrote, “Rolls Royce ko dustbin bana diya tha Bhawalpur key Nawab ne to ye kuchh bhi nahi,”

A Harley lover wrote, “Why did I not die before watching this?”

An anonymous person wrote, “Bhai iskey doodh ka sab profit toh petorl mai udd jaata hoga.”

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