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Our in-depth review of the ‘TOP 10’ Internet Speed Test sites

If you think your ISP is cheating on you, and giving you bad service, it’s time to catch them in the act. There are different tools and techniques you can use to detect this behavior. Fortunately, we recommend using speed test sites that rank highly (we’ve compiled a list here).

Nowadays there are many ISPs that you can find online. But how would you know which one is telling you accurate results? ISPs claim they offer the best internet speed possible. Are they telling the truth? It’s important to make sure the calculations being given are accurate. Do they just show random test results, or worse–lie about their services entirely? That’s not cool.

It’s often difficult to find a reliable internet speed test. That’s why our team of geeks has spent the time to answer such an important question for you and determined what sites offer comparable and reliable speeds. We have also compiled all this information in one central place to make it easy to find your current internet speed and how it compares with a variety of other factors.

When you put your website in the hands of a web designer, you want to know that it will be done right. Let’s explore the most popular browser-based sites.

Top Internet Speed Test Sites to make your life easy

1. SPEEDOF.ME – Best Internet Speed Test Site



4. Internet Health Test


6. Google Fiber Speed Test

7. Fusion Speed Test

8. Bandwidth Place Speed Test

9. Charter Speed Test


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