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Out-of-School Children Helpline: Launched In Punjab

In order to assist and guide out-of-school children, especially those working at business establishments or at home as domestic workers, the Punjab School Education Department (SED) has launched the 1234 Helpline.

The 1234 Helpline would provide a one-stop solution for children who cannot attend any school due to their family’s financial or personal circumstances, as it would handle all aspects from the child’s admission to the start of classes.

Furthermore, there is no age limit, and working students and parents of such children would be notified if required. In addition, working children would be able to attend early morning classes to allow them to get to work on time after their lessons.

A bag, books, stationary, a uniform, and shoes will also be provided to such a child at no cost so parents aren’t burdened with school expenses, according to School Education Department Secretary Ehtesham Anwar.

In addition, the secretary urged people to call the 1234 Helpline and provide details of aspiring children, and he hoped this initiative would help tackle the problem of out-of-school children in Pakistan.

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