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Impacted employees will be contacted by the company beginning January 18.

Over 18,000 Employees Will Be Laid Off: Amazon

These layoffs, which are a result of challenging economic conditions and low profitability will be publicized on January 18.

According to Chief Executive Andy Jassy, the previously announced personnel reduction at Inc. will result in a total of more than 18,000 layoffs. On Wednesday, the disclosure was made in a staff communication to the general public.

Due to the layoff decisions that will be made on January 18, the human resources and e-commerce departments will continue to be the most impacted.

With roughly 18,000 layoffs, Amazon will lose almost 6% of its corporate staff which currently numbers over 300,000 people. At the same time that Amazon has quadrupled its base salary threshold, there will be a layoff.

The largest private employer in the United States is Wal-Mart Inc. the largest retailer in the country with Amazon coming in second. There are about 1.5 million individuals working for Amazon, among them warehouse workers.

According to the message, Jassy said that given the unstable economy and high hiring rate in previous years the annual planning for the current year has stayed quite sensitive.

Business people have reduced spending as a result of the increase in inflation which has slowed Amazon’s growth rate.

The epidemic which artificially increased demand for a number of nations like Amazon and others is what caused the abrupt drop in revenue. Since everything has returned to normal several tech firms are struggling because they over-hired personnel.

Jassy sent out the announcement following a tip from the Wall Street Journal that Amazon would continue to lay off more than 17,000 workers. According to him, a leak caused Amazon to decide to break the news before informing worried staff.

However, despite a large number of layoffs Amazon is still required to provide legal notice and frequently pays severance. Amazon has survived erratic and challenging economic climates in the past and it will do so going forward from Jassy.

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