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Pakistan Has Produced About 20 Million Mobile Phones till December 2022

(During the first eleven months of 2022) from January to November local manufacturing facilities produced or assembled 19.7 million phone handsets as opposed to 1.37 million commercially imported phone handsets according to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Till November 2022, A total of 1.56 million cell phone handsets were produced or assembled at regional factories in Pakistan.

By 2021, domestic manufacturing facilities had produced or assembled 24.66 million mobile phone handsets up from 13.05 million the previous year. This is a historic increase of 88 percent.

Even yet Pakistan imported mobile phones worth $290.570 million over the first five months (July-November) of the current fiscal year 2022–23 representing a negative growth of 66.08 percent compared to $856.730 million during the same period last year.

(In November 2022) mobile phone imports totaled $64.520 million, down 1.92 percent from October 2022’s $65.780 million according to figures from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Comparing the $212.058 million in mobile phone imports in November 2022 to the same month in the previous year there was a 69.57 percent decline in growth. The country’s total telecom imports for the first five months of the fiscal year 2022–23 totaled $455.731 million a decrease of 59.67 percent from the $1.130 billion imported during the same time the previous fiscal year.

In Pakistan, there is now a favorable environment to produce mobile devices thanks to the successful deployment of the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) and supportive government regulations such as the mobile manufacturing strategy.

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