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In the picture shared by Pakistan Navy on January 14, 2023, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency and Customs officials pose for a photo as they seize illicit drugs amounting to nearly Rs15 billion during an anti-narcotics operation in the Arabian Sea.

Pakistan Navy Seizes Narcotics Worth $64.8 Million In The Arabian Sea

A drug cache and arrested smugglers have been handed over to customs authorities, the Pakistan Navy reports.

In recent months Pakistan has seized narcotics mostly at Afghan border crossings.

According to an official statement Pakistani authorities launched an anti-narcotics operation in the Arabian Sea on Tuesday and seized drugs worth nearly Rs15 billion ($64.8 million).

Despite Pakistan’s naval forces and maritime personnel also keeping an eye on the illegal trade in the country’s territorial waters it has mostly seized drugs at its border crossings with Afghanistan in recent months.

Based on intelligence information, naval officials, a maritime security agency, and a collectorate of customs enforcement conducted a similar operation in the sea where 1,450 kilograms of drugs were seized.

Security forces were able to apprehend the largest quantity of narco, including 586 kilograms of Ice crystal and 864 kilograms of heroin during the successful joint operation. “The seized drugs are valued at approximately Rs 15 Billion on the international market. The arrested smugglers and drug cache were handed over to Customs for legal proceedings.”

Further, the statement stated that the operation demonstrated Pakistani authorities’ commitment to “deny illegal activities in Pakistan’s maritime zones and synergize efforts of Maritime Law Enforcement Agencies to ensure the security of our maritime zones.”

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