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Pakistan’s Smart Weather Portal Launched to Combat Climate Change.

The Smart Weather Portal offers sophisticated weather forecasting and monitoring capabilities with the goal of safeguarding people and property.

Pakistan’s first smart weather site was introduced to combat climate change and lessen the risk of natural disasters. The platform, which was developed in collaboration with Pak Weather Karachi Weather Updates and Linked Things, aims to protect people and property by providing comprehensive weather forecasting and monitoring capabilities.

The launch of the Smart Weather Portal was celebrated in Karachi with a ceremony. The previous head of the country’s meteorology department, as well as meteorologists, attended the event which was held at a nearby hotel.

Delegates at the opening ceremony who praised the Smart Weather Portal said that the importance and utility of meteorology and environmental research have increased in light of climate change.

They observed the importance of weather monitoring in both daily life and business. They are confident that Pakistan, particularly Karachi, will gain a lot from the Smart Weather Portal.

More than 20 air quality sensors have been installed and turned on across Karachi as part of the Smart Weather Portal. It will be simpler to monitor the city’s air quality with the help of this equipment.

Additionally, 16 modern weather stations have been installed in Karachi in the near future tens of thousands of identical devices are anticipated to be installed all throughout the nation. By addressing climate change and lowering the likelihood of natural disasters this innovative technology will ultimately safeguard individuals’ lives and property.

Users can access weather information and forecasts using this kind of web-based application or platform. It typically provides a variety of features and services, including the most recent weather data predictions for the short- and long-term, alerts and notifications, and historical information. Additionally some Smart weather portals offer additional features like interactive maps and the ability to track specific weather events or conditions.

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