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Password Sharing On Netflix Will Soon Be Charged
Netflix began testing account-sharing charges in Latin America after its global membership declined for the first time in a decade.

Password Sharing On Netflix Will Soon Be Charged

Before March is out, Netflix will begin rolling out fees to share your account outside a single household.

In Latin America, Netflix is testing a new method to enforce password sharing as it struggles to keep its revenue afloat.

New reports now suggest that the password-sharing fee will soon be introduced outside Latin America as well despite the initial backlash.

By the end of March this year, Netflix plans to implement the change, according to its latest earnings report. Password-sharing users will have to pay more for their accounts because of this change. But don’t worry people who only share passwords within the same family are safe.

Netflix’s earnings report mentions that users can share it with non-living family members for an additional fee, but it does not mention pricing details.

It does not stop or block people from sharing passwords, but users on shared accounts must get themselves verified first. Some countries have Netflix restrictions on password sharing. A verification code is sent to the account holder that grants access to those sharing the account.

Netflix shows a prompt until you pay for the account even after the owner verifies sharing users.

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