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People Take Us More As ‘Entertainers and Less as Humans’: says Hania Aamir

A successful career in entertainment comes with its fair share of challenges, even though the world of glitz and glamour may make us think celebrities have it all, but they do not.

Hania Aamir, a Pakistani actor, recently posted a heartfelt message on Instagram to her industry colleagues who have been under constant pressure to fit into the “worldly and cultural standards”.

The saddest thing is that sometimes we see ourselves merely as entertainers and not as fragile, sensitive human beings,” Hania Aamir said.

In maintaining their onscreen persona, artists often forget about their own “peace of mind.”

Aamir also detailed an impromptu trip to the beach that made her feel the need to share this message on social media. “At 4 pm in the evening, I decided to go to the beach. I booked a shabby little hut and just left. On this trip, I gazed at the stars, listened to my favorite songs, and was away from judging eyes and the pressures of constantly being perfect. With an attached clip of her journey to the beach, she explained that it was pure bliss and made her feel alive.

She continued by advising her colleagues to take better care of themselves. Taking time out for yourself is crucial. Make mistakes, take chances, and realize that you are only human. Take care of yourself. Talk to yourself. Ask yourself if you feel good. Take care of the artist in you. Be the artist who knows creativity, not just the façade of it. Separate yourself from the pressure to conform to cultural and worldly standards,” she said.

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