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In Picture: A huge lineup piles outside a TOTAL petrol pump in DHA Lahore.

Petrol Crisis In Pakistan, Despite Price Increases By The Government

Despite a price hike, Pakistan is experiencing a severe petrol shortage, as many petrol pumps/stations remain closed across several cities, including Lahore and Multan.

Lahore and Multan’s petrol pumps/stations were closed due to petrol shortages.

Fuel is not being supplied to us at a fuel station located in DHA Phase III and VI, Lahore.

Only a handful of petrol stations were open in Gulberg, Garden Town, DHA, Bhatta Chowk, and Cantt areas of Lahore.

While Pakistan State Oil (PSO) stations were open throughout the city and supplying fuel, as other pumps were closed, there was a long queue at these stations as well.

The Petrol Being Sold For Rs. 310 Per Litre

According to our sources, a petrol pump in the Ghalla Mandi area of Multan was selling petrol at Rs. 310 per litre to customers due to a shortage.

Upon confirmation, we found that petrol shortages in Pakistan are mostly reported from Lahore and Multan, while fuel is available in other cities like Karachi and Islamabad.

In order to avoid any artificial shortages caused by petrol pumps, the government raised petrol prices in Pakistan on 29 January 2023.

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