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Pharma Businesses Threaten To Close, Due To Delays In Imports

The pharmaceutical industry has reportedly vowed to start protests on January 5, in an effort to put pressure on the federal government to address the issues the industry is facing.

The country today faces a significant pharmaceutical shortage as a result of the federal government’s foolish policy. On January 5, the pharmaceutical sector vowed to begin protesting because of their problems.

Details suggest that in addition to the market disappearance of insulin for diabetic patients a number of drugs for kidney and heart issues are also no longer available in pharmacies.

The Pakistan Drug Lawyer Forum’s President, Noor Meher told the media that although a fresh supply of medicines had arrived at the ports of Karachi and Lahore dry ports among other places around the country the authorities still hadn’t given them permission.

Meher asserted that imports make up 91% of the pharmaceutical industry’s raw materials in Pakistan. He went on to suggest that pharmaceutical employees felt forced to hold demonstrations in public. He declared that all pharmaceutical companies will shut down beginning on January 5 and that their employees would stage nationwide demonstrations.

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