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Powerful Earthquake Rattles parts of Pakistan & India 
According to witnesses, no immediate reports of casualties from tremors felt in Kabul, Islamabad and New Delhi.

Powerful Earthquake Rattles Parts Of Afghanistan, Pakistan & India 

On Tuesday, 21 March 2023 at 9:52 pm PST, a powerful earthquake was felt for over 30 seconds in parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, sending panicked residents into the streets.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), a massive earthquake of 7.7 magnitude struck parts of Pakistan. 30 people have been reported dead so far in Pakistan, with property destruction in various parts of the country.

Powerful Earthquake Rattles Parts Of Afghanistan, Pakistan & India 
The reports are coming in of the destruction caused after the earthquake.
Powerful Earthquake Rattles Parts Of Afghanistan, Pakistan & India 
A collapsed building in Punjab shows the destructive force of the earthquake.

Pakistan’s Meteorological Department reported that the first wave measured a magnitude of 6.8, and the second wave measured a magnitude of 7.7 Richter scale, with its epicenter in the Hindu Kush Mountain range near Badakhshan, a remote province in northern Afghanistan.

Powerful Earthquake Rattles Parts Of Afghanistan, Pakistan & India 
PMD issued the details on their Twitter account, right after the earthquake.

Based on preliminary information, the US Geological Survey (USGS) estimated the magnitude at 6.5.

Near the borders with Pakistan and Tajikistan, the epicenter was 40 kilometers (25 miles) south-southeast of the Afghan town of Jurm.

According to initial reports, the initial tremor was felt in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, and Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan.

There were also reports of shaking in Indian-administered Kashmir and New Delhi, India’s capital.

Large parts of South Asia are seismically active because a tectonic plate known as the Indian plate is pushing north into the Eurasian plate.

Last year, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 in eastern Afghanistan killed more than 1,000 people and a 7.8 earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian Region on 06 February 2023 killed over 60,000 people.

This is a developing story. More will follow …

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