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PTA Given Ultimatum of 120 days for Nayatel License Application Decision in AJK

One year ago, Nayatel submitted an application through Pakistan Telecom Authority for the provision of fiber broadband in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, but so far there hasn’t been a decision. The company has now turned to IHC for further service in AJK.

The Pakistani telecom company, Nayatel, had as per Telecom Rules 2000, applied for a telecom license within the 120-day deadline by the Pakistani Telecommunication Authority. PTA’s reply was that it needed to go through security clearance, so the application for Nayatel’s AJK license was still pending. Hearing this, recently Islamabad High Court (IHC) ordered PTA to decide Nayatel’s AJK application in 120 days or less.

Nayatel submitted a report detailing the Government security concerns and their decision. Nayatel also revealed, that AJK withdrew permission for ROW, which was later renewed. They have also been asked for approval of the Special Communication Organisation (SCO) by the PTA. As of now, the company says that there is an intentional delay to protect its interest.

People in Azad Jammu and Kashmir want the internet, but many don’t. The need for internet access in AJK has shown how much people suffer when they can’t find a job or can’t pursue education because of it. Other telecommunication companies have always been vocal about receiving a license of their own to capitalize on this area, but let’s see when PTA will make its decision. Perhaps in the next few days or months …

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