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This photo shows PTI Chairman Imran Khan (L) and PPP Chief Asif Ali Zardari (R).

PTI Starts Membership Campaign In Sindh With Attacks On Zardari

Nawabshah: The PTI chairman Imran Khan started the party membership campaign in interior Sindh by attacking former president Asif Ali Zardari, saying ‘Sindh ki sub say bari bemari’ (the biggest disease of Sindh) will soon explain why he is in prison.

Asif Ali Zardari will be in jail very soon, he said at the party membership camp here on Thursday. Like Nawaz Sharif, he will also explain why he is in jail. According to him, the Sindh police have been politicized, and police have been used against rivals. In his view, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police have been depoliticized.

The oppression of people in Sindh could not be found in any other part of the country, said Imran Khan.

PTI chief alleged local leaders were habitually using the police against the common man.

“But don’t worry, Sindhis,” he said. “This dark night will end, and a new era will begin.”

Having recently visited Baluchistan, he said that Sindh is in a worse state than Baluchistan. He blamed Asif Ali Zardari for the state of Sindh. He compared Zardari’s relations with the Bhutto family to Captain Safdar’s relationship with the Sharif family. He alleged Zardari stole Sindh’s money and sent it abroad. Imran said he came to Sindh to compete with Zardari.

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