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Russia Will Ship Gas To Pakistan Through Iran Or Central Asia

Russia is willing to supply Pakistan with natural gas via Iran or Central Asia.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak told the state-run TASS news agency that in the long run Moscow can send LNG to Afghanistan and Pakistan either using the infrastructure of Central Asia or in exchange for Iranian territory. He was discussing the future of petroleum imports into Europe generally.

The Russian insisted that his nation had already increased LNG shipments to Europe in the previous year and further stated Moscow’s desire to do so when Turkey became an energy hub by increasing gas supplies to the international market.

Shafqat Ali Khan the ambassador of Pakistan to Russia recently met with the Russian Minister of Energy to negotiate a potential agreement for Pakistan to begin purchasing LNG from Russia on October 11, 2022. Moscow however refused to sell LNG in November claiming that LNG contracts were more of a long-term item and that it was difficult to arrange them for Pakistan at the time.

Until the long-term possibility of transporting LNG becomes possible Russia is not likely to send any gas to the South Asian block. Pakistan will receive assistance elsewhere in the form of discounted crude oil and petroleum products.

After visiting Moscow Federal Minister of State for Energy (Petroleum Division) Musadik Malik announced that Russia would offer Pakistan reduced crude oil, gasoline, and diesel. He claimed that talks with some private enterprises were now underway after the Russian side set up meetings for the Pakistani delegation with them.

At the time the minister also stated that Russia had invited Pakistan to start negotiations on long-term LNG contracts for the years 2025 and 2026 and that Russia was building new LNG production facilities.

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