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Be careful of what you eat in the morning as that will affect your performance throughout the day.

The Five Foods You Should ‘Avoid Eating’ On An Empty Stomach

A person should always be careful about the first thing they eat in the morning. Certain foods that are good for you can become harmful if eaten on an empty stomach. Ignoring this can cause problems. The foods that can be a good part of a balanced breakfast aren’t the only thing to consider. The fact is, you have to avoid a lot of healthy foods as well, as they are harmful when consumed on an empty stomach.

Here are five foods you should avoid eating on an empty stomach:

  1. Yogurt: Empty-stomach hydrochloric acid kills the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, so eating it on an empty stomach will not provide you with all its health benefits.

  2. Fruits to avoid: It is advisable to avoid eating pear, banana, and citrus on an empty stomach as they can cause harm. Pear contains crude fiber that may hurt mucous membranes in the stomach, while bananas raise the magnesium level in the blood which can be detrimental to your heart. Citrus fruits such as grapefruits have high levels of tannic acid which can irritate the lower oesophagus if eaten first thing in the morning. Avoid tomatoes when your stomach is empty as they also contain high levels of tannic acid, increasing acidity and leading to gastric ulcers. It’s best to save them for lunch or dinner instead.

  3. Sugary foods: Pastries, cupcakes, and short crusts contain a type of yeast that can irritate your stomach lining and cause flatulence. They also contain processed sugar that can overload the liver, so it’s best to avoid them on an empty stomach.

  4. Spicy food: The stomach lining is inherently irritated by spicy foods, especially when it is empty.

  5. Sweet beverages: For many, the first thing in the morning often requires tea or coffee. However, they can be detrimental as they may induce nausea and inflammation in the stomach. Classic fruit juices are just as hazardous as they consist of high amounts of refined sugar which could raise blood sugar levels. They will also lead you to experience cravings and energy dips during the day. Carbonated drinks also should not be consumed on an empty stomach due to its abilities to harm mucosal membranes and decrease blood supply to the organs that help with digestion – making it a lengthy process. Furthermore, alcohol should be avoided at all costs if there is no food inside your body seeing that its absorption rate is higher than usual; furthering damage to your body’s organs. Therefore these foods and fruits should be completely avoided on an empty stomach.

An empty stomach means that there is no food or drink except water. Because all the food you have ingested has been digested, the first thing you ingest when you wake up is crucial to your health. Be aware of what to eat and what not to eat during the day to keep you healthy and mentally active.

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