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The hospital evacuates after an 88-year-old man arrives with a WW1 bomb ‘lodged in his rectum.’

A man who arrived at the hospital with a World War One bomb “stuck” in his rectum left doctors shell-shocked.

After the 88-year-old came in for help on Saturday, the hospital in France was partially evacuated after a bomb scare.

A bomb disposal emergency occurred on Saturday evening between 9 pm and 11.30 pm, requiring bomb disposal personnel to intervene, evacuation of adult and pediatric emergencies and diversion of incoming emergencies, said a spokesperson for Hospital Sainte Musse in Toulon.

Bomb disposal experts inspected the man at the hospital and determined that the eight-inch-long and over two-inch-wide artillery shell was unlikely to explode inside him.

They assured us that it was a collector’s item from the First World War, used by the French military.

“We managed the risk reactively. When in doubt, we took all precautions.”

The doctors removed the unusual object from the man’s rear after the bomb experts cleared him. They believed he’d inserted it for sexual pleasure.

It was shocking that the object of choice was a shell. One doctor remarked: “We are used to finding unusual objects inserted where they shouldn’t be, like an apple, mango, or shaving foam. But a shell? Never!”

On social media, many others expressed their disbelief at the choice of object.

One doctor commented, “I’ve heard of troops bringing up the rear, but this is too far.”

Alternatively, he could have used suppositories.

Others made light of the unusual situation, writing: “Guess he wanted to go out on a high note.”

Another joked, “He was one fart away from redefining explosive diarrhea.”

The situation was even compared to Grey’s Anatomy, while someone else said: “I would have given him lots of Taco Bell and stayed clear of him.”

The elderly patient had to go into surgery after medics failed to remove the bomb during an initial examination.

To remove the unusual antique, they cut open his abdomen.

According to the hospital, the man is now in good health and is expected to recover fully.

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