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The Read For Today: Life Is Hard by Kieran Setiya

Everyone should have a copy of this beautifully written book.

As one reads this book, one is invited to think, reflect, and consider, both for one’s own life and for those around us.

Kieran Setiya shows us how philosophy can help us find our way in this profound and personal book.

To understand and enjoy this book, Author skillfully provides readers with all the information and context they need along the way.

In his writing, he ties it all together with poetry and adds humor to some deceptively deep and heavy subjects. He shares his experience with chronic pain and the comfort of understanding it.

Life is Hard is a work of solace and compassion that draws on ancient and modern philosophy, as well as fiction, comedy, social science, and personal essay.

According to a reader’s review, the author does not sugarcoat life in this book.

Life will become more bearable and enjoyable once we accept that we and others will always have troubles.”

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