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The Youngest Yoga Instructor In The World Is A 7-Year-Old Dubai Girl

The youngest teacher in the world is Praanvi Gupta, who holds the Guinness World Record. Pranvi Gupta is the world’s youngest certified yoga instructor with her students at Vedic Yoga Centre Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE. A seven-year-old ex-pat girl from Dubai is the world’s youngest yoga instructor.

The youngest yoga instructor in the world is Praanvi Gupta, a Grade 2 student at Gems Wellington International School Dubai.

Praanvi a certified yoga trainer – has pursued her dream from an early age to share positivity with people of all ages.

“My parents applied for the Guinness World Records. After a few months of verification, I got the record as the world’s youngest yoga instructor.”

The Vedic Yoga Centre’s children’s batch is trained weekly by Praanvi an accredited yoga teacher within a US-based yoga alliance.

Pranvi Gupta, the youngest yoga instructor in the world will teach yoga at the Vedic Yoga Center in Bur Dubai on February 4, 2023.

“This is the international organization for Yoga affiliated professionals where first the school must be certified, and then the student must be certified,” explained Praanvi’s father.

Yoga Journey

Her passion for yoga grew day by day and she soon began practicing independently inspired by her mother, Priyanka Sengar, who practices yoga every day.

Praanvi’s family and friends encouraged her to join a yoga institute after she shared her love for yoga with them. Pramod, who works as a sales director for a Belgian software company explained that she wanted to keep practicing yoga during the school holidays at the Vedic Yoga Centre in Bur Dubai.

Yoga Training With A Master

Dr. Vincent, a yoga master with over 24 years of experience and a doctorate, trained Praanvi to become a yoga teacher.

In September, my family and friends convinced me to join a yoga teachers’ training program. Dr. Vincent accepted my request and I enrolled.”

Passion And Love

My yoga journey has not been easy. I have had to attend regular school along with my academics and extracurricular activities. But I have not given up. Yoga is my love and passion.”

“I’m so happy to have passed the teacher’s training program,” Praanvi said.

Channel On YouTube

Her parents thought it would be a good idea to share the message of her Yoga journey on her YouTube channel “Learning with Praanvi”.

Children who are curious about yoga should know it is very important for everyone, especially children. Yoga increases flexibility focus and concentration, which contribute to academic success and exam preparation.

As her mother Priyanka pointed out, yoga creates positive minds for children. In today’s world, we need to develop positivity in our minds which is essential to all of us. People’s lives have been put under a lot of stress due to the pandemic. Parents should encourage their children to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga plays a significant role.”

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