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Twitter is gearing up to launch voice and video chat soon: Elon Musk

The new CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, has discussed the future of the social network’s direct messages in a meeting with employees. He has announced that new features are in development for this aspect of the platform.

An internal recording obtained by our correspondent at The Storyline stated that during a meeting on Monday, the presentation was titled “Twitter 2.0” at the company’s San Francisco headquarters. Musk told employees that Twitter is working on encrypted DMs, voice chats, and video chats, all of which will be available via direct messages.

He further quoted that, “We want the user to be able to communicate with absolutely no worries about privacy or security. In this day and age, even Twitter has been hacked and users’ messages leaked. It’s still not clear if Twitter employees are spying on DMs as well. Clearly, that is not okay.”

Musk is right that more safety measures need to be added to conversations in DMs. In 2018, an undisclosed number of those messages were published on the internet for over a year. With this breach, an ex-Twitter employee was charged with accessing user data for personal gain. We do not know who these DMs were shared with or how they have been used.

Musk shares his opinion about DMs and says that no one should be able to look at them, even with a gun to their head.

But this isn’t the first time that Twitter has focused on encryption for DMs. The project has continuously been restarted and paused, but Musk expressed his hope that this would be a top priority in his vision of what Twitter should become 2.0.

Musk acknowledged that Signal is a secure messaging app and reached out to the company’s owner who is now “potentially willing to help out” with Twitter’s DM encryption.

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