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Twitter is set to relaunch its ‘Twitter Blue’ subscription service on Monday

Twitter will release its redesigned subscription service on Monday, the company announced through a tweet on Sunday.

The monthly subscription will cost $8/month on the web, but iOS users will need to pay an additional $1/month for access to subscriber-only features, including the blue checkmark.

According to their website, this subscription will give users access to features like the ability to edit tweets, 1080p video uploads, reader mode, and a blue checkmark.

Businesses will now have the gold checkmark on their website, and later this week you’ll see a grey checkmark for government and multilateral accounts.

If verified subscribers change something on their accounts, such as their name or avatar, they’ll temporarily lose their blue checkmark.

It’s also worth mentioning that Twitter opened the subscription service early in November. However, they paused it a few days later as users started using it to impersonate brands and famous people.

The service was scheduled to resume on Friday. However, the date was postponed and now the service will return on Monday.

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