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US Embassy Staff in Islamabad were Forbidden to leave the Compound, after the Attack

On Sunday, the US issued a security alert warning about a possible terrorist attack targeting American citizens at a private hotel in the federal capital, days after a suicide bombing in Islamabad.

According to a statement issued from the US Embassy in Islamabad, there was a possibility of an attack on the private hotel in the federal capital.

According to the statement, Unidentified individuals are plotting to attack Americans “sometime during the holidays” at a private hotel in Islamabad.

According to the US Embassy’s website, all American staff was prohibited from visiting the hotel immediately.

Moreover, the embassy is urging all Mission personnel to refrain from non-essential, unofficial travel in Islamabad during the holiday season, as Islamabad has been placed on a Red Alert because of security concerns while banning public gatherings.

An unprecedented advisory and threat alert was issued by the US after a suicide bomber blew himself up during a check-up in Islamabad’s I-10 sector, killing a police official and injuring several others.

Following the return of the Afghan Taliban to power in Kabul, terrorist attacks have spiked.

According to official data, the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for 141 attacks in the last three months alone.

Official sources believe that a military operation may be necessary to stem the fresh tide of terrorism. A major review is underway to devise a new strategy to deal with the resurgence of terrorist groups.

The National Security Committee is expected to meet in the next few weeks to make major decisions.

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